443 Queen Street Demolition


TJM is erecting the scaffold in order to safely demolish 443 Queen Street, in preparation for the new development.

443 Queen Street will offer a generous and welcoming public domain that creates a strong link between city streets and river edge.  Designed especially for our subtropical climate, the towers catch breezes and shade from the sun and have been designed as a habitable, living subtropical garden.

The slender towers are raised on columns above abstract forms, inspired by the natural riverside topography and the cliffs of Kangaroo Point, expressed as strata naturally rising from the river edge, blending the building with the rivers edge. The design restores and enhances lost vistas and pathways, framing important buildings, places and natural urban features, making a powerful connection through the site.

The development will invigorate the precinct with retail and new interfaces with Queen Street’s existing Howard Lane, Admiralty Towers Park and create new opportunities for the public to experience and enjoy the river. 443 Queen Street while once a barrier between city and river, will now be a connector.



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